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Register and Collect Payments with AnyClub

Welcome to AnyClub Payments

AnyClub payment processing was built to be simple, secure, and provide appropriate reporting for clubs and teams. AnyClub helps clubs like yours collect team and player fees, dues, and payments.

Payment processing is integrated with Stripe payments. AnyClub never stores personal credit card numbers or information that can be used to create fraudulent transactions.

Signing up is simple. All you need to go is navigate to your club’s landing page at AnyClub. Once there visit preferences/merchant account and follow the prompts to sign up for a Stripe Connect account. Once you have created your merchant account you will be able to create and accept payments through the AnyClub platform. By signing up to use AnyClub payments, you agree to the Stripe terms of use.  

Payments for Clubs

  • Team & Player Onboarding with Payment Plan selection
  • Club Shoppable Store with payment integration and product fulfilment chain of custody
  • Club camp onboarding with payment integration
  • Club invoicing systems that allows clubs to create invoicing groups
  • Collection nagging is handled by the AnyClub system to reduce club touch points for late payments

Payments for Teams

  • Team managers & coaches can create individual team payments for their members
  • Managers get a payment portal with payment reporting dashboards to manage all aspects of payments from refunds to modifying payment attributes.

Get started today on the AnyClub web application or download the mobile app from the iOS or Android app store.