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An Ideal Letter Seeking Sports Sponsorship for Teams

Are you prepared to initiate fundraising efforts for your youth sports team? Wondering what steps to take next?

Look no further! Below is an ideal example of a sports sponsorship letter for teams. A well-crafted and succinct sponsorship letter can significantly boost your chances of securing financial support to offset expenses related to travel, equipment, and registration fees.


[Your Name]

[Your Team role]

[Your Phone]

[Your email]

Dear [Business Contact’s First Name],

Each year, we extend invitations to local businesses that we hope will sponsor our team and [Business Name] naturally comes to mind due to [specific reason you want them as a sponsor].

Sponsoring our team is not just a community involvement opportunity; it’s also a powerful marketing strategy for your business. With [Number of team members] players competing against [Number of teams you play] teams this season, your brand will be showcased in front of hundreds of spectators, generating [Number of team members multiplied by number of teams you play] impressions in the [Your City] area. This exposure ensures that everyone will remember [Business Name] as a proud supporter of our team.

For the upcoming season, we are seeking a sponsorship of [$250], offering you the following benefits:

  1. Inclusion of your logo on [Type of equipment or apparel]
  2. An invitation to attend one of our games
  3. Email blasts expressing gratitude to our families for your sponsorship
  4. Social media posts highlighting your business
  5. A team picture for display in your office
  6. A handwritten thank-you card at the season’s conclusion

Unfortunately, the costs associated with [Name of Sport] can be a financial strain for some families on our team. Your sponsorship will assist in subsidizing expenses related to new equipment/apparel, scholarships for players in need, and travel costs.

We acknowledge that you have various options for marketing and community engagement, but we genuinely believe that this partnership is a perfect fit. If you seek a more customized arrangement in return for your sponsorship, we are open to discussing and implementing your ideas.

[Business Name] has a commendable record of enhancing our community, and we express our gratitude for your continued support. Your contribution is instrumental in making [Your City] an even better place to live.

For any inquiries or further discussion, please feel free to contact me directly at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email].

Thank you,

[Your Signature]