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Part of encouraging kids to play the game “the right way” is reflected in the way parents and coaches are expected to behave.

The club asks parents to attend Positive Coaching Alliance seminars and all parents must agree to a parent code of conduct that includes what many of us might think of as a “sleep on it” rule — a policy requiring parents to wait until the next day to address any team-related issues they may have during a game or practice.

The club’s coaches are also expected to model the kind of professional conduct players should display as well, before, during and after games. Coaches are asked to balance preparing players in practice, displaying knowledge of the sport, appropriately interacting with referees and parents, providing equal playing time opportunities, and, on top of all that, winning games.

“This is a tough balancing act for any coach involved in youth basketball and our coaches have done an exceptional job at it,” Martinez said.

Of course, everyone occasionally has a slip-up, no matter how many workshops or behavior agreements they sign. Martinez said the Club tries to take a proactive approach in dealing with these types of situations.

“We have policies and procedures to not only try to minimize negative events but also effectively deal with them when they do happen so everyone can move forward in a positive direction. Negative events sometimes happen, and you have to have a plan in place to not only deal with these negative issues but also make sure we learn and grow from them.”